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130w 10X


1 million 300 thousand 10X

see nature, good color reproduction ability under a variety of color temperature

 to see details, ultra high image resolution

 see dark, good night vision effect

 support ICR intelligent infrared, IRIS automatic aperture

 supports the entire focus, 2.8 S fast focusing

 support 3 d MASK privacy shelter

 support 3 d noise reduction

 support hai kang and dahua 3 d positioning

 strong compatibility, support the standard ONVIF,

 optional support GB/T28181

 seamless docking hai kang, dahua, male CMS, days of vision UC2

The electric reverse AEVISION platform, etc

 support RTSP real-time streaming protocol

 support Android, IOS, mobile P2P remote monitoring, video cloud storage

 supports h. 265 / h. 264 / MJPEG compression, three stream video output

 good code flow control, low code flow high image quality

 support 4.0 M, 3.0 M, 1080 p, 960 p, 720 p, D1, VGA resolution, CIF, etc

 provide Linux, Windows SDK development kit, can rapid secondary development

 in recent 10 years senior IPC architecture and software architecture of long-term, stable work;

 support 2 kv lightning surge protection, hardware and strong

 support remote upgrade function, maintenance is convenient

 function perfect, the support SD card storage, two-way voice intercom

 optional USB extension wi-fi, 4 g interface

 optional IO report to the police

 optional automatic tracking

 optional perimeter intrusion, trip wires, left, the number of statistics such as intelligent analysis

1/2.8 inch COMS Sony sensor (1 million 300 thousand pixels), support 720P/25, 720P/30 two modes,Auto focus, auto iris, dual filter switching (ICR) ,Digital wide dynamic, digital noise reduction, anti flicker,International standard BT1120 output specifications and LVDS video format output ,Compatible Sony communication protocol (VISCA SONY)

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