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Dear users:

    How do you do! Thank you for using the technology products China, in order to maintain your interests and high quality service for you, solve your worries, we provide products to guarantee service. Please read the terms carefully and attention related matters:

    Please confirm when buying machine in product function normal, attachments and documents are complete. This warranty card please users properly kept for maintenance certificate, lost will not be entertained. My company will according to the relevant state department in August 25, 1995 release (a portion of the goods maintenance. Replacement. The responsibility that return money sets) to provide you with comprehensive after-sales services. Provide "a month, a year, repair, replacement lifelong maintenance" high-quality service (effective buying machine vouchers guarantee card date). All that buying machine in a month, such as the discovery of quality problem, appearance without damage, the company is the same exchange products (power supply, all the outer packing except). All who belong to product quality bad the fault occurred within the prescribed warranty (warranty period of a year) by the company after sales service center warranty.

    All of the following circumstances, not of free warranty, but still provide guarantee service fees (the repairs + parts fee + postage) : 1. Users to remove or repair the damage caused by machine, or a machine structure have any artificial damage the trace. 2. Does not press a regulation methods and care of the operation of the fault caused by machine. 3. For mobile or drop caused by the fault or damaged. 4. Natural disaster (flood. The fire, etc) or power grid failure causes damage to the machine. 5. All this certificate and the purchase invoice is altered, tear or missing people. 6. All the attachments are not warranty. The warranty period of the products, maintenance required part, or the repairs, examination, etc all charges by warranty unit pays when customers beyond warranty scope equipment failure, we will maintain proper rate.

    Detail 1. One year free maintenance, since the sale within 1 year (contain), product failure, please you will be sent to the company product fault free maintenance, wait for after repair by the company after sales department inform you note: if it is found that the instruction for use, random CD and other accessories lack or quality problems, the company confirmed that true, can be in since sold within 15 days from the date of change (including). In addition to product the motherboard, products, specifications, packing and so on the shell is not "one year free maintenance" range, you can choose the paid service. Free one year warranty service: 1, the warranty conditions: the user buying machine in one year as of the date of normal use, fault and all the parts inside the have a quality certificate or buying machine invoice. 2, the warranty matters: the warranty period machine is not collect any maintenance costs (this commitment is only for normal use of failure)

    Special remind 1. Can't enjoy "guarantee acceptance" since the product are sold, if belong to any one of the following reasons and product to malfunction or damage, the China science and technology have the right not to according to "guarantee acceptance" terms to provide service, you can choose the paid service: * the machine and components is beyond repair the deadline; * not according to the operation instruction "require, maintenance, safeguarding, and cause of the fault or damage; * the China science and technology maintenance all the offices and their staff to the maintenance malfunction or damage; * without valid certificates and effective invoice (we product warranty card date for approval according to the warranty); * alter warranty certificate; * warranty on proof of the product model or Numbers and physical commodities is not consistent with; * force majeure cause fault or damage; * other not the product design, technology, manufacturing, quality problem and cause of the fault or damage; 2. Product warranty card is you get the important service certificate so, please you keep

    Thanks again for your choose and buy China science and technology products all!!!! Thank you!!!

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