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SDI200 million


1.1/2.8 inch COMS Sony sensor (2 million pixels) 

2 support 1080P/25, 1080P/30 two modes

3 automatic focus, automatic aperture, dual filter switch (ICR)

4 digital wide dynamic, digital noise reduction, anti flicker

5.SDI video output.

1.1/2.8 inch COMS Sony sensor (2 million pixels)
2 support 1080P/25, 1080P/30 two modes
3, 22X optical zoom, the maximum aperture F value of 1.4

4, automatic focus, automatic aperture, the dual filter switch (ICR) 

5, digital wide dynamic, digital noise reduction, anti flicker, through the fog function.

6, LVDS video format output.

7, compatible Sony communication protocol (VISCA SONY)

HD models (SONY IT-N2) machine specifications

Standard PAL NTSC

Image sensor IMX122LQJ IMX122LQJ

ffective Pixels;1920(H) X 1080(V)-2M 1920(H) X 1080(V)-2M

Progressive scanning system

Synchronization mode

Image flip horizontal / vertical

The signal-to-noise ratio is more than 50dB (automatic gain off)

Minimum illumination 0.05LUX (1X) 30IRE

Video output LVDS (Signal-YUV Digtal) 

zoomlens;20x Zoom Lens(F1.6(Wide) F3.5(Tele) f=4.7~94mm )

 Switch to color, black and white, inside, outside (photosensitive resistance)

Automatic gain high, medium and low 

White balance, FULL, AWB, ATW, PUSH, MWB

Wide dynamic opening and closing 

Through the fog, open, close

2D digital noise reduction on, off

High speed ball protocol compatible SONY protocol (VISCA SONY) 

Supply voltage DC12V (9V ~ 18V) maximum 4.2W/350mA

Working temperature of -5 degrees C ~ 50 

Storage temperature -20 C ~ 60

size 87mm(L)X50mm(W)X60mm(H)


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